The Young Adults/Youth group comprises of the vibrant and talented individual with diverse occupations. The group is fortunate to have professionals in various fields such as students and others in workforce most of whom bring desired talents to their church.

This Department seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Provide an environment for talents to thrive
  • Provide opportunities for services to their church
  • Create an environment for Training for leadership
  • Build social and spiritual relationships within the church groups
  • Foster spiritual growth
  • Have fun within Christian environment
  • Encourage and provide opportunity to serve the community
  • Mentor Professional Development
  • Connect with other vibrant groups within the SDA church

Ongoing Participation includes:

  1. Involvement in Music Ministry within their church and other churches
  2. Sabbath School Bible studies
  3. Sabbath Worship lead-out
  4. Support Pathfinders & Adventurers classes
  5. Provide Audio-visual support
  6. Fun activities with neighboring churches
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