Welcome to ANASDAC Health Ministry

“Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”- 1 Corinthians 6:19

MISSION: Our Mission is to promote health awareness in the church and in the community by providing education of disease prevention.

VISION: Our Vision is to equip our church with basic amenities to handle emergencies and to foster physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle among church members and the community.

Health Ministry Goals:

  • To organize and provide educational opportunities for the church family and community.
  • Conduct health screenings.
  • Provide health education programs.
  • Promote healthy eating.
  • Provide physical fitness programs.
  • Provide first aid support for regular church services and other special events.


Health Ministry Objectives:

  • Promote prevention education in the church body and the community.
  • Provide essential education and resources that address prevalent chronic conditions such
    as high cholesterol, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and cancer.
  • Provide medical screenings and health education to the congregation.
  • Empower and educate the congregation and community members to become health advocates.



  • Health Nuggets on Sabbath
  • Health screening after service on Sabbath and midweek for Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar
  • Sunday morning walking/running exercise
  • Biggest loser event
  • Health seminars
  • Spiritual Health emphasis by chaplain every sabbath


The Health Ministry does not provide hands-on-care, but rather direct its members to see their healthcare provider and familiarize members/community with available resources

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