Just a girl trying to transform the goodwill of our hearts into action in Tanzania
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Hello All Nations Church! My name is Briana Greene and I did the missions spotlight this past Sabbath and spoke about my ongoing work in Tanzania. From Hearts 2 Hands Inc. is my nonprofit organization focused on transforming the goodwill of our hearts into action in Tanzania, especially focusing on improving the lives of children. One of our main projects that you can get involved in is the Mind Investor sponsorship program that allows children to attend private schools instead of overcrowded government schools. 

To sponsor a child for one year costs $630 and covers tuition, transportation, uniform, meals, supplies and field trips. I can attest to the improved quality of education these children are receiving as I have personally visited the private schools our program sends these children to and have met with the administration and teachers.

At this moment 5 children are in need of continued sponsorship. Multiple people can donate towards one child as the goal is to have the funds stockpiled to enable them to be consistently enrolled for at least their first seven years of primary school. 

There are options to select a donation amount of your choosing or $630 for a full year sponsorship. Additionally, From Hearts 2 Hands Inc. is a registered 501c(3) non profit organization and several employers offer a donation matching program, so feel free to inquire with your employer as this match would mean two years of sponsored education for technically the price of one!  


If you are interested in helping out with other projects or needs that pop up or have any questions please feel free to email me at