Fighting against Malaria
All Nations African Church participates in the fight against malaria.  The participation started since the Declaration of Abuja, Nigeria on April 25, 2015 when African leaders encouraged by the World Health Organization decided to combine their efforts against malaria.  Before April 25 became the World Malaria Day, All Nations Church celebrated on that day each year Africa Malaria Day by raising funds and providing awareness of malaria and its deadly effects.


Church members are involved in different activities promoting the elimination of malaria worldwide but especially in Sub-Sahara Africa where malaria is mostly devasting.  To that effect, one member of All Nations is a Champion of the United Nations Foundation called Nothing But Nets, a global grassroots campaign to raise awareness, and voices to fight malaria.


Nothing But Nets has so far delivered more than 12 millions bed nets to family in needs.  Every two minutes a child dies of malaria, a deadly, yet a preventable disease.  As much as this number is alarming, it is actually good news because about 16 years or so, a child was dying every 30 seconds.  The impact of bed nets and other interventions such as rapid diagnosis and treatment, indoor residual spraying are changing the image of malaria in Africa.  So check the Nothing But Nets website. When you send a net you will be saving lives.



  • 2500 Nets Donated So Far 25% 25%